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Food you must try out when in Paris

When in Paris, eat as the locals would do! The cuisine here is subtle, mild and yet able to tickle your tastebuds! When you travel, it’s best to eat the street food – you get the real, authentic taste of not only the food but also of the culture which greatly influences the cuisine there. So what must you try when in Paris? Let’s take you on a food trail!

You should try the macarons here – you’ll forget eating the macarons in the rest of the world! And though the French cuisine is more towards the subtle and bland, when it comes to desserts, boy, do they compromise? No! And the delectable macarons are proof of this! Bitefuls- sized, these pastries taste like heaven once in your mouth!


The unmissable loaf of bread, without which the French cuisine is probably incomplete – the humble baguette is a must try here! And even though you must have tasted baguettes all over the world, the real ones with the best taste are here, in Paris! Crunchy and chewy, these baguettes are best when accompanied by whatever they serve it with, in the cafe you’ve entered! Let’s leave it in their hands?

I really don’t understand what happens to the authentic taste of these sweetums when they step outside France! But when you’re here, you will get served the way you should, with the taste and all intact! The same thing applies to Eclairs – although filled with cream and covered with a layer of chocolate, the éclairs here still manage to be fluffy and crispy in Paris! And yes, a sincere suggestion – don’t attempt eating these anywhere else, they just don’t do the justice to the wonderful piece of heaven!


A total misfit in the impeccable French cuisine, the falafel is that weird yet wonderful member of the family you cannot do without! And the long lines of people waiting outside the falafel carts in Paris are proof to this! And you won’t be disappointed at all – after the long, long wait, you’ll finally have something in had that will tickle your taste buds!

Why miss out on these bites of wonders when you’re here? Especially when you’re in a city that has an acclaimed name all over the world for its culinary skills?  For those who’ve been to Paris, experimented with the chocolates here will swear that this experience they have was entirely on another level – the French chocolates can easily beat those famous chocolates from other parts of the world.

Must visit places in Paris

Paris is one of those places in the world which most of us have on our bucket list. And why not? This city has a charm of its own – all quaint and quintessential! The elegance and chicness of this fashion-conscious city is something that wins our hearts –and that’s enough a reason for Paris to feature on a globe-trotter’s bucket list. So here’s what you should be visiting when you’re in the City of Light:

Eiffel Tower:
A proud member of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Eiffel tower is one of the most visited even more than six of its other counterparts! And we need no reasons to wonder why – it is indeed a magnificent structure – one that will leave you mesmerized the minute you lay your eyes on it! Just make sure you don’t end up getting looted under the guise of visiting the tower – book your entry passes at the official website of the Tower or at the Tower itself.

Towering over the city of Paris, this church stands at a height of 130 meters! Walking up the stairs of this church is nothing less than a mini-hike in itself – so take your energizers packed along! Also, once you reach the top, not only will you be rewarded with the calmness inside the church, but also with breathtaking views of the city of Paris bustling with activity. Easily one of the best places to escape the otherwise fast pace of the city of Paris.

The Louvre:
There’s no need to even tagging the Louvre with the word ‘museum’! That famous is this museum! After all, the largest museum in the world needs no introduction. This museum is beautiful inside out – apart from being an architectural wonder itself, it is also home to some of the stunning works of art from across the world. And who would miss the opportunity to visit Mona Lisa when in APris – no sane tourist would! Fix up your date with the Louvre and feed your artist’s soul with all the works of wonder here!

Versailles Palace:
This palace was once home to King Louis XIV – and requires you to spend an entire day to take in its beauty and grandeur! Set aside a whole day and explore this palace through and through! Don’t, in any case, miss the beautiful Palace gardens. Also, if you feel hungry walking around the mansion, there’s the lovely Angelina Bakery right inside the Palace that’s fully functional and doles out wonderful delicacies for all visitors!

Must-visit museums in Paris

The City of Light – apart from being known for its eternal charm and classy quotient, is also known for being a great treasure holder of art. Some of the most popular museums are in this city – tucked away in the bylanes of this city, left to be discovered by curious tourist, just like jewels hidden away in a chest somewhere! So when in Paris, you have to visit these museums – art lover or not, make it a point to drop in here!

The Louvre:
The world’s largest museum deserves a visit! And well, apart from that fact, you have to visit the Lovre because of the immaculate works of art it has on display. Every single day, this art museum has a number of visitors, who when step in are entirely lost in the mesmerizing array of art here. With around 35000 works of art on display here, it’s food for any art lover’s soul! Just keep in mind that certain galleries are shut on specific days of the week – so check the details before you visit this epitome of magnificence.

Galeries Nationales du Grand Palace:
The architecture of this museum itself is worth admiring – you’ll be spellbound at the entrance itself! And even more incredible are the sights in the interior! Home to some of the best works of art from across the world, the museum doesn’t disappoint when it comes to variety! The steel-framed glass roof adds a level to the existing charm of the museum. Indeed, a stunner, both in terms of interiors and exteriors!

Petit Palais:
Housing some of the most beautiful paintings and sculptures in the world, the Petit Palais deserves a visit from you! Some of the acclaimed artists in the world have put their work on display here – the works are indeed appreciable, making you cherish your visit to this museum.


Don’t miss out on the floor below the main museum – all the beautiful jewellery is displayed there.

Musee du Quai Branly:
The exteriors of this museum too, are lovely! The entire building is lined with greenery, giving it a refreshed look altogether. More importantly, this museum is dedicated to the authentic ethnic work from Africa, Asia, and the Americas – making this museum a symbolic representation of the culture of the three continents! This museum is home to works of art dating back to the 10th century. At the same time, it has ample of modern and contemporary stuff too!