Parisian Cafes

Fix a date with these Parisian cafes

Paris, apart from being known for its wonderful vibe, architectural wonders, fashion amongst everything else, is also known for its food! And more importantly food in the cutesy cafe’s, the ambiance and warm atmosphere of which you’ll fall in love with! Plus, they’re perfect to satiate those untimely touristy hunger pangs, which are frequent visitors when you’re going around a huge city like Paris! Here we go:

Le Consulat:
After you’re done with exploring the Sacre Couer, head straight to this cafe! It’s one of the most popular cafes here – and is frequented by a lot of tourists and localities alike! The chic interiors of this forever crowded cafe and the outdoor seating area are the highlights here. And oh, the food! Choose your spot (if you do get the opportunity to do so amidst the hustle!) either in the interiors or in the exterior of this cafe, basking under the mild sunlight. Order your favorites from the French cuisine, sit back and enjoy your meal!

Maison Kayser:
The name itself sounds so regal – so is the cafe. It’s not located in any of the mainstream hotshot locations of Paris, but is tucked away into a tiny lane – which makes its presence almost equal to negligent! But once you discover this cafe, I’m sure you will want to keep coming back here! Also, it’s super cute to look at – so make sure you have your camera handy! Now a known and acclaimed multinational chain, Maison Kayser is well known across the world.

A typical cafe in Paris, with a hint of French architectural influence, the first look at this cafe tempts to enter right away into it! This tea room has managed to create a name amongst all its counterparts despite being set up long after all of them. Head in here to sip into tea and gorge on some pretty delectable sweets!

Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole:
This will undoubtedly top the list of the cutest cafes in Paris! Its entrance itself is so enchanting –straight out from a fairytale! The bright purple chairs and the tall flowering shrubs and the creepers all over make this cafe super inviting and a sight to behold too! Not far away from the Notre Dame Cathedral, make sure you drop in here after you’re done with all the sigh-seeing. The food here is just as good as the cafe is – so dig in!