List of off-beat activities to do in Paris

List of off-beat activities to do in Paris

Tonnes of people visit Paris every year – and do what they are supposed to do in Paris. Visit the museums, admire the cathedrals and palaces, shop a while and leave. But the truth is that there’s a lot more to Paris than only the classy, elegant and laid-back stuff! How about including some off-beat activities in your itinerary on your visit to Paris? Well, well sounds fun! Here are the whacky things you can do in Paris!

The bylanes of Paris:
Apart from the busy, sophisticated streets of Paris, there’s another side to Paris too! And guess what, you can totally revel in this other side of Paris by exploring the inside streets of Paris. The graffiti art, street food, interaction with the locals and some cheap thrill shopping – what else do you require to make your day? So get into the streets and enjoy yourself to your heart’s content! Also, don’t forget to take along your camera to capture some off-beat, interesting sights you’re sure to come across.


The network of canals:
While the boat tour on the River Seine will be on the most preferred options list of most tourists, why not do something out of the way? Paris has a network of canals and waterways, which otherwise lay unexplored and untouched, get away from the hustle of the city and get into the boats that will take you through these unexplored canals in Paris – and trust me, this is an even more thrilling experience!

Annual festivals:
You need not be all uptight and sophisticated walking around the top streets of Paris – you can even let yourself loose in one of the annual events that are frequently hosted by this city! Why go in for routine when you can revel in whacky? Get into the crowds that have the time of their lives witnessing the variety of parades and events that happen all around the year in Paris and make memories that will last with you for a lifetime!

Urban farms:
The quirky urban farms are a pretty sight! Veer off from the mainstream locations of Paris into these urban farms that are scattered all across Paris! These urban farms put on display a wide variety of plants – both of native species and others too. The USP here? These plants are well-maintained but are placed haphazardly – making this display a work of art in itself!