Must-visit museums in Paris

Must-visit museums in Paris

The City of Light – apart from being known for its eternal charm and classy quotient, is also known for being a great treasure holder of art. Some of the most popular museums are in this city – tucked away in the bylanes of this city, left to be discovered by curious tourist, just like jewels hidden away in a chest somewhere! So when in Paris, you have to visit these museums – art lover or not, make it a point to drop in here!

The Louvre:
The world’s largest museum deserves a visit! And well, apart from that fact, you have to visit the Lovre because of the immaculate works of art it has on display. Every single day, this art museum has a number of visitors, who when step in are entirely lost in the mesmerizing array of art here. With around 35000 works of art on display here, it’s food for any art lover’s soul! Just keep in mind that certain galleries are shut on specific days of the week – so check the details before you visit this epitome of magnificence.

Galeries Nationales du Grand Palace:
The architecture of this museum itself is worth admiring – you’ll be spellbound at the entrance itself! And even more incredible are the sights in the interior! Home to some of the best works of art from across the world, the museum doesn’t disappoint when it comes to variety! The steel-framed glass roof adds a level to the existing charm of the museum. Indeed, a stunner, both in terms of interiors and exteriors!

Petit Palais:
Housing some of the most beautiful paintings and sculptures in the world, the Petit Palais deserves a visit from you! Some of the acclaimed artists in the world have put their work on display here – the works are indeed appreciable, making you cherish your visit to this museum.


Don’t miss out on the floor below the main museum – all the beautiful jewellery is displayed there.

Musee du Quai Branly:
The exteriors of this museum too, are lovely! The entire building is lined with greenery, giving it a refreshed look altogether. More importantly, this museum is dedicated to the authentic ethnic work from Africa, Asia, and the Americas – making this museum a symbolic representation of the culture of the three continents! This museum is home to works of art dating back to the 10th century. At the same time, it has ample of modern and contemporary stuff too!