Parisian Etiquette you must know

Parisian Etiquette you must know

If you really want to enjoy your journey and stay to any new place, it’s always best to research it a bit in advance. Not only about the food you get there and the places you must visit while you’re there, but also about the standard etiquette and general customs that the people residing there follow. So this is a guide of all the things you need to keep in mind when you’re visiting Paris – read on if you’re planning an amazing trip with a luxury car rental from Apex Luxury Car Hire Paris!

No one’s asking you to master French and converse like a pro while you’re in Paris, but you can definitely pick a few phrases and words that will not only get you around Paris but will also help you warm up to the locals there. It’s always good to make an effort to know a little about the language in the place you’re visiting – the locals too are impressed by your effort and go out of the way to help you around the city.


The French are super fashion conscious – so get used to being looked at from top to bottom! They’ll observe everything – your shoes, your overcoat, accessories – so don’t get offended! They’re just checking out if this new tourist has dressed up as per the fashion standards of their beloved city! This also doesn’t mean you dress up as the French do – just dress up like a tourist would do, in breezy, comfortable wear.

Keep in mind that although the people here are pretty good at English, French is their language – it’s opted for over English any day by the people here. So, if you’re speaking in English here, don’t rattle it out like you would do back home – talk slowly so that the people understand what you’re trying to say and answer you accordingly. If you try to show off your English skills here, and if they don’t get what you’re trying to speak, don’t be surprised if you get a cold, blank stare in return!


Apart from the usual greetings, it’s always considered warm to shake hands with the person you’ve met. Also, kissing is an essential part of French culture. Not the French kiss, but two light kisses, with no lips involved – only cheeks barely brushing past each other! Keep this in mind, and you’ll win the hearts of the French!

Have a memorable trip to Paris! And if you’re looking for another tourist hotspot, check out these locations for car rental from Apex.