Welcome to the 2006 Racing Season,

As your newly elected president of the Whittemore Speedway, I would like to personally thank all of the participants in the 2005 season, for helping us to achieve another great year of racing.

The Whittemore Speedway has been in operation since 1948 and is Michigan’s oldest continuous speedway. It is operated by its members, better known as the Whittemore Racing Club or W.R.C. The purpose of the W.R.C. is to promote auto racing, stage thrill shows and provide family entertainment. In doing so the W.R.C. donates a portion of its revenue to local communities and charities. What this means to you as a spectator, driver or crew member is that you are all helping to support the local community and those less fortunate.

This year the W.R.C. intends to carry on the racing tradition by adding 2 new classes to its regular schedule, and as always you will see some of the finest drivers in the state competing in every class.

We like to think of the Whittemore Racing Club as one big family and you, the drivers, pit crews and spectators are all a part of it.

Thank You, Good Luck and Good Racing
to all in the 2006 season,

Charlie Robarts
Whittemore Speedway President 2006


HARD LUCK  AWARDS #22 Dirk VanAuken #33 Eric Evans #04 Tom Haas #96 Rich Haskins #12 Daniel Valent

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR #18 Mike Englehardt #14 Jeff Heri #02 Justin Parish #97 Jeff Strauer #51 Todd Winchell


SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR #84 Sam Tremble Jr. #75 Don Stuck #28 Scott McClellan #94 Ryan Inman #13 Dan Frye Jr.

BEST LOOKING CAR #22 Mike Currie #86 Andy Hess #71 Al Shannon #96 Rich Haskins #32 Melvin Hottois Jr.


MOST IMPROVED DRIVER #22 Mike Currie #2 Bob Farley #02 Justin Parish #97 Jeff Strauer #21 Kyle LaDuke


TRACK RECORD BREAKERS #07 Melvin Hottois-13.559  #75 Don Stuck-14.252  #42 Derek Moe-14.943  #70 Brad Bilacic -14.003  #70 Dave Parisian-15.813